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Page Studio Module
Build unlimited pages on your website with a content editor using pictures and dummy text.

Product Catalogue Module
Publish an unlimited number of products and build an online store with images, descriptions, prices and codes.

Event Calendar Module
Publish a calendar of upcoming events that supports event categorization with color coding, title, description and related image.

FAQ Module
Build a frequently asked questions section for your site, as well as create, edit and categorize your questions.

News & Events
Create, delete and edit news, as well as include title, brief, full text and upload of related photos.

Shopping Cart
Build a complete e-commerce site, where customers can easily add products to cart, manage quantities, and automatically re-calculate updated cost.

Registration & Login
Restrict part of your sites to users only after they have logged in. It is particularly useful in sites that require authentication prior to viewing more sensitive information.

Ads Banner
Manage, upload and create complete advertising campaigns, as well as individual banners on your site.

Publish customer testimonials and comments. Site visitors fill a web based form, containing their name, e-mail, subject and comment; that you can approve/edit prior to publishing.

Photo Gallery
Publish your thumbnail images and photos online, with categorization and enlargement options.

Publish career opportunities with your company and create different positions including related details. Job seekers can search or browse through published job opportunities, view their details, and apply online.

Survey your customers quickly and efficiently without the need to conduct expensive and long surveys.

Upload, create, delete, and include title and text to any file format (PDF, Word, etc...)

Add information and schedules about available courses at your company, enabling surfers to register online easily.

Create exams and quizzes of different nature and formats, enabling users to take exams online and get immediate results.

Create different administrators for your site, with different accessibility options, privileges and permissions, each with a different role.

Enable your customers to submit support requests and trouble tickets that you can respond to, as well as save the thread to.

Provide surfers with the ability to search all your site content easily and quickly, with keywords.

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