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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a business management system that integrates all aspects of the business, including sales, manufacturing, planning, and marketing into a single coherent system.

As the ERP methodology has gained popularity among business managers, software application programs have been developed to enable them to implement ERP in business activities such as customer service, order tracking, finance, inventory control and human resources.

INTERNILE helps its clients get the best from their investment in ERP solutions, our analysis go beyond traditional IT ROI metrics, taking the specific financial and operating context of your company into account. This helps companies get smarter about their ERP investment.

We ensure that whatever ERP solution we';; recommend you supports your business activities and goals, and that your data and systems are supported, implemented and improved.

ERP on the cloud: We believe in the future of software as a service (SAAS). ERP customers have no more fear huge upfront cost for Hardware, Network & ERP systems installations. We specialized in the implementation of NetSuit ERP system and we collaborate with international partners to deliver customer satisfaction. .

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